Hotel Restaurant Ksar Jouamaa

Experience simplicity, authenticity and originality.


At the hotel restaurant Ksar Jouamaa, come to know the simplicity, the beauty and the essential of things through the dedication and sincerity of a team of professionals combining hospitality, welcome and love of their country and this unusual place.


At the hotel restaurant Ksar Jouamaa, let yourself be transported by the authenticity and rare purity of this stone fortress which will charm you but also help you find peace within you, that of the present moment and of a shivering and unique silence.


At the hotel restaurant Ksar Jouamaa, gathered in the middle of nature with an exceptional team, the conviviality anchored in the rock, will offer you memories and moments of sharing, which will make you feel alive and will make you grow with the landscapes.

What we offer at Ksar Jouamaa

The present moment being only the sole master of ceremonies, the memories around a breakfast at sunrise, a good meal facing infinity or even a delicious tea, arise gently between the sky and land, letting time stand still. All this, leaving room for the simplicity, authenticity and friendliness of this place, enhanced by the presence of a team of professionals. The calm hovering above this cradle of serenity and the richness that surrounds it offer the discovery of a unique heritage and terroir. It’s the adventure of a lifetime that can begin!

With all the modern comforts, there is only the most beautiful light left in the evening to dream of a new day. A day of a radiant galaxy, accompanied by shooting stars as the hope of a wish. In this distant country, we find the rest and the beauty of a moment but also the discovery of oneself and the world. We live a peaceful stay there, while soaking up the wisdom of this place through all its offered services.


The troglodyte rooms of Ksar Jouamaa offer a unique experience that combines history and modernity. Located in an 18th century Berber ksar, these ghorfas bear witness to an exceptional cultural and architectural heritage. .

Inside the cave rooms, visitors will find a sink and shower for their personal use. The toilets are located in a shared outdoor toilet block, which adds to the authentic experience of staying in a traditional ksar.

Ghorfa de Ksar Jouamaa
Randonnées en montagne à Ksar Jouamaa


Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by the proximity of Ksar Jouamaa to the Dhaher massif, a majestic mountain range which offers breathtaking hiking trails. From the ksar, travelers can easily organize excursions to explore the spectacular landscapes of this mountainous region.Hikers will be able to explore the valleys, hills and gorges of this mountainous region, while admiring the grandiose panoramas offered by the heights of the massif.


Indeed, Ksar Jouamaa is ideally located to start exploring the south of Tunisia. With its proximity to several popular tourist destinations such as Djerba, Matmata, Ksar Ghilane and Tataouine, the ksar offers travelers a fantastic opportunity to discover the cultural and natural wealth of the region.

Excursions au départ de Ksar Jouamaa

Yoga Retreat in Ksar Jouamaa

Blending into the horizon, the sun gently sets in this immense expanse around Ksar Jouamaa, letting the sky take on a thousand and one colors and marry the silence with the stars. Delicately, the mountain envelops this fresco of stones leaving souls at rest and peace hovering above the hearts and in the memories of each person.

Testimonials from our guests

Tunisian Association of Reproductive Health, the Regional Committee of Medenine, hosted by Ksar Jouamaa. Thank you for the welcome and the quality of the services, a great space and an outstanding team
Association ATSR membre de l'IPPF
Tunisian Association of Reproductive Health
To visit absolutely. Take a lunch break, it's worth the detour. Friendly exceptional welcome. I recommend 👍👍👍👍💕💕
Anne Berrien
Anne Berrien
A magical place with an idyllic and sumptuous setting that inspires wisdom and rest...An incredible project in an unusual place that turns out to be a success with a memorable evening and a warm welcome... 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Medisson Cochard
Medisson Cochard
it's a magical place that I discovered next to Medenine at the top of the Tunisian mountain. The welcome is warm and the atypical accommodation will make you forget all your worries. Aymen and his team will be there to guide you and discover local customs.
Emmanuel Dupont
Emmanuel Dupont
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