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Discover our unforgettable excursions at Ksar Jouamaa, offering captivating hikes in the mountains of Dhaher and traditional Berber villages, as well as unique experiences such as exploring the deserts of Ksar Ghilane and starry nights under tents in the Sabria desert. Let yourself be guided through these natural gems, combining history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes for a memorable getaway. Welcome to Ksar Jouamaa, the ideal retreat for adventure enthusiasts in Tunisia.


The rural lodge of Ksar Jouamaa is the perfect spot for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Located just an hour from Ksar Ghilane, it offers the opportunity to explore the Dhaher mountains and the surrounding desert. With accommodation options for every budget and exciting activities to discover, Ksar Jouamaa’s lodge is a must-visit for all travelers seeking adventure and relaxation in Tunisia.

randonnée montagne dhaher
Excursion découverte ksours tataouine


The Tataouine Chenini excursion is an unforgettable experience to live during your stay at Ksar Jouamaa’s rural lodge. This excursion allows you to discover the magnificent landscapes of the region, including the famous ksour and traditional Berber villages. From the lodge, you can easily reach the most iconic sites, such as the village of Chenini. This excursion is a unique opportunity to explore the history and culture of the Tataouine region.


The Ksar Ghilane Matmata excursion is an exciting experience to have during your stay at Ksar Jouamaa’s rural lodge. From the lodge, you can easily reach the most iconic sites in the region, including the Ksar Ghilane desert and the troglodytic houses of Matmata. This excursion allows you to discover the local culture, explore historical sites, and witness incredible landscapes while enjoying an unforgettable experience in the Tunisian desert.

excursion ksar ghilane matmata
Excursion avec nuit sous tente au désert


The 2-day excursion with an overnight tent stay in the Sabria desert is an incredible adventure that allows you to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Tunisian desert. This excursion offers a unique experience where you can explore the red sand dunes of Sabria, admire a spectacular sunset, and spend a night under the stars in the desert. With a guided tour to introduce you to the local flora and fauna and an unforgettable night in a tent, this excursion is a highlight of your journey in Tunisia.

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