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Enjoy Our Activities at Ksar Jouamaa according to your desires

Take advantage of our Activities at Ksar Jouamaa according to your desires. Discover a unique heritage and be surprised by landscapes as grandiose as they are moving. Forget yourself. Forget everything! Between excursions, hikes or even visits to the springs, you will be breathless.
At the end of steep and mountainous paths, where magic and silence take over the void, remains preciously a diamond cut in the rock sheltering sanctuaries of peace and kindness. A team as kind as it is welcoming but above all professional will be able to welcome you there and offer you many of our activities to share and discover the deepest secrets of the country.
Walking, strolling, taking the time to catch your breath, discovering, finding yourself, these are the objectives of the excursions and hikes that we offer you at Ksar Jouamaa. There is nothing like escaping in the middle of a culture so rich and so important in the eyes of an authentic people, by visiting the springs which embellish, sublimate and make the landscapes heavenly.
But our activities don’t stop there, we can also custom build an event that is close to your heart, such as your wedding, a birthday, your engagement party, a family meal, a seminar, a meeting. etc Our open-air party hall is ready to welcome you for a fusion of work, relaxation or pleasure around an inspiring and comforting nothingness. All you have to do is combine your ideas with the originality of the place, the magic of the moment and the grandeur of the universe that surrounds it. Then let yourself be carried away by the emotions that arise between the stones of this timeless kingdom.
When the magic takes shape in you and you feel transported thanks to the sweet potion of Ksar Jouamaa and our proposed activities, you can wake up to taste the very essence of happiness and the purity of life, a delicious ORGANIC breakfast prepared especially for you.
As much to tell you, this stay, hand-sewn for you, will leave you forever in your heart and memory a trace of immutable and precious love.

From rosewater perfume diffusing between the stones in honor of a “yes”, to flamboyant flames for an anniversary, shining in the night, to engagement rings reflecting in the distant horizon. The Ksar Jouamaa by the essence of its magic and the effervescence of its moments launched in the wind organizes for you the significant events of your life and even allows itself the privilege of organizing your professional meetings by answering all your expectations.

Come among us. Work in a change of scenery and a soothing, light and inspiring silence. You will find at Ksar Jouamaa the motivation to work but also the ideas for new projects. Congresses, courses, political or other meetings, general assemblies, meetings, conferences, everything is allowed. We will adapt the spaces so that they respond exactly to your personal or professional comfort. Come and work facing the horizon as the only witness and colleagues for a day or for a whole stay.

With our astronomical telescope, come and discover the fascinating world of stars. Marvel at their abundance, distinguish their shades of bluish, orange, even reddish colors. Recognize the constellations. Admire the Moon which offers truly spectacular visions, especially when it is crescent and when we observe the border between the lit part and the unlit part, where the reliefs are accentuated by the grazing illumination of the Sun. Treat yourself to this spectacular view of the Milky Way forming a large arch across the sky.

Do you like peace and organic food ? You can combine the two by coming to stay with us, at Ksar Jouamaa. Through the innocence of the stones, we will have the pleasure of making you enjoy a delicious ORGANIC breakfast in the heart of the very cradle of wisdom. Without a word, you will be able to listen and understand the silence, gently, find yourself, while eating and drinking serenely very good organic products, prepared especially for you. This alliance will certainly be one of the keys to the beauty of your stay… Just imagine that paradise exists on earth and that it is Ksar Jouamaa

On the steep paths, in a nature as beautiful as it is surprising and landscapes as desert as it is grandiose, the Ksar Jouamaa offers you magnificent and long hikes in the Tunisian immensity. A beautiful union between the love of walking and that of discovering new horizons and panoramas, strolling in the wind and with silence as the only traveling companion. Backpack and shoes, under the brilliance of the sun, adventure awaits you.

Visit the natural water sources, gushing out of the dry land like mirages in the sandy dust. Miracle of nature or divine beauty, it’s up to you to judge. The Ksar Jouamaa will have the pleasure of taking you to places as remote as they are impressive. As magical as they are original and as unique as they are heavenly. You will be guided by the flow of water along the rocks, and by the sun reflecting in the clear waters. Under the palm trees buried between the mountains forming oases as far as the eye can see. You will only have the horizon as a reflection of yourself. These visits to these sources will offer you well-being and will make your stay with us at Ksar Jouamaa bloom.

Through its rocks and the beauty of its ghorfas and its environment, come and discover this grandiose and historically incredible architectural place: The Ksar Jouamaa. Ruins become vestiges. Erected several centuries ago, the stones will tell you the smallest secrets of this fortress, which has become a magnificent Hotel-Restaurant, combining originality and tradition. But they will also whisper to you the secrets of peace and freedom. You will leave rich in knowledge and love.

In the extended plains of Tunisia, not far from the Ksar Jouamaa vestige, perch at the top of its mountain. You will find, at the bend of a hike, like mirages in the desert, magnificent hot springs. Dressed in palm trees and wet rocks, you will lose yourself in the shadows and find yourself facing the void of the horizon and the silence that surrounds it. The flowing water along the stone, will inspire you a moment of zenitude and inner peace.

At the top of the world, at the Hotel-Restaurant Ksar Jouamaa, where all emotions float and touch each soul, and where the word “magic” takes on its meaning. We can meet your desires, offering you memories embroidered in the heart. You are thinking of marriage, engagement, birthday, family reunion or even professional, come and share this sweet thought with us. Listening to your wishes, we will make Ksar Jouamaa, the place of the event.

Illuminated by the splendor of the sun or by the divinity of the stars, the Ksar Jouamaa is immutably illuminated in its soft beauty. He radiates and sits on his throne, in the middle of the mountains as if to bring to life an infinite hope of life in the heart of desert lands. With a professional telescope, you can get lost in the galaxy at heart, let your mind soar in the thousands of constellations, while keeping your feet firmly anchored in Tunisian lands.

What if the sky invites itself into the reflection of your coffee in the morning and you have lunch in front of an incomparable view? All dreams are allowed at Ksar Jouamaa. It offers you a gentle and soothing awakening. All you have to do is let yourself be won over by a taste of freedom and by all the emotions that may pass through you. It is sometimes important to allow yourself to stop time, just to catch your breath, facing a horizon that answers you for its purity.

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