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Contact us when the day takes off behind the mountains, when the night installs its carpet of stars above the Haven of stones, the multiple emotions gently insinuate themselves into the refuge of the heart, as if to bring it out of his secret. The Ksar Jouamaa, from the theater of its beauty captivates and fascinates lost souls and in search of reunion. Each ghorfa is nothing but a temple of silence and the discreet rock confidant of sweet moments springs from pride and offers its most beautiful works and its most beautiful philosophy of life to whoever wants to see and hear them.
In the middle of this rock palace, of a nobility of soul and a beauty as prestigious as it is modest, time no longer has a hold on the soul which rises slightly in osmosis with humanity. accompanied by the horizon as the only witness, leaving the world like a frozen clock. The decor mingling with the enchantment of the surrounding emptiness, makes us discover a new sky and can restore hope when we feel deep down that life no longer flows in our heart.
In its stone frescoes, where the transparency of a moment enlightens the soul and whispers in the veils of silence its most beautiful confessions, where the sky with its azure blue heals wounds and where the desert landscape with its imnotifying power and its magnetic power erases the offerings of life, the need to contact us gnaws at you… you itch… and you have a mad need to write to us to find out more… The love of the place is already in you… So don’t wait any longer! Write us!

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Béni Khédache - Médenine - Tunisie

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