sunset over the mountain

sunset over the mountain at Ksar Jouamaa​

sunset over the mountain at Ksar Jouamaa is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It is so amazing to look at and so peaceful to admire. First, it is an artistic representation of heaven and earth at dusk. Then it captures the moment when the sun moves away from us and seems to get smaller and smaller until it completely disappears below the horizon painting a dramatic range of orange, red and purple. Thus, taking a picture of it, filming it or just watching it cannot be missed under any circumstances. At the hour when the prayer sounds, when the day gives way to the coming night, and the two merge, silence and peace remain the masters of the place.

The masterful power of this place remains anchored in its lands, offers the soul an abandonment of itself and leaves in memory a rare purity of life and an immutable trace of love. The beauty of the essential, dotted with lunar suspensions surrounded by emptiness, makes this place a saving and magical place that promises its lightness. The unique moments of the sunset on the mountain hovering above this jewel, as the only proof of existence and love for those who dream of a change of scenery and infinite rebirth.

A unique moment

A unique moment! A sumptuous place! A place where immensity responds with its silence. and where the panorama is breathtaking. This infinity where the stone offers its twigs of light. this fortress both dancing and motionless. in the midst of majestic mountains. This deity in the middle of nowhere. This sky forming an alliance with the rock, sublimated by the twirling light. and the pure nothingness of this expanse. We are waiting for you in this unusual place, where peace reigns supreme and allows you to find yourself so as not to get lost again. This place is your home! So do not hesitate to come and get away from it all in the heart of this Ksar and in the heart of Tunisia.

Coucher de soleil sur la montagne à Ksar Jouamaa
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