Water Sources

water sources

Walk to leave your footprints on new lands. Go on an adventure to find your own adventure and come back enriched by discoveries and sharing with the locals.
To live this beautiful experience, the Ksar Jouamaa carefully organizes wonderful hikes in places where the beauty is breathtaking. A paradise you won’t see anywhere else. Walking unescorted by time, soaking up the silence, touching the desert lands, and getting lost in the horizon line. Such is the promise of a subtle reunion with yourself!
Walking in narrow places, feeling the sand between your fingers, like the only hourglass of time. Having this impression of touching the sun or being at the top of the world… Knowing silence and lightness for the first time and letting yourself be taken in by it. These are all the sensations that you will be able to feel through a hike with us, on our most beautiful and mysterious paths in the country.
You will have the privilege of leaving to discover Tunisia, its depths and its secrets through the love of the country and the knowledge of one of our professionals from Ksar Jouamaa. All the questions you may ask yourself will find answers in the mountains, in the heart of the desert, in small steep villages or in cities where blue and white dominate the architecture.
Through your eyes and your imprints left, you will become a figure and one of the symbols of our fortress, because the Ksar Jouamaa will regain its full splendor only by your presence and your own discoveries of the country. This therefore involves our “hiking” activity offered and personalized for you!

Les sourcess de montagne

It is in the middle of nowhere, that water comes to life again, that life finds its beauty and breadth, and that beauty immerses in each of the lands. In a deafening silence, the sleeping landscape gives way to a heavenly mirage, drawing sometimes magnificent palm trees, sometimes wild grass, around miraculous, crystalline water.

Sleeping in the heart of Tunisia, soft hot springs rest and color the decor with a hint of magic and a twig of magic. The Ksar Jouamaa will make you discover their most beautiful facets and aspects but above all their secrets of beauty. You will be transported by the calm and the sound of the water, drowned in the silence of a moment.

Do you need a moment of tranquility to rediscover a bosom spirit ?

The Ksar Jouamaa will take you to remote and unexpected places, allowing you to refocus on yourself but also to discover magnificent landscapes that you will not see anywhere else. Like postcard landscapes.

Water flows like a miracle of nature or a deity from the sky. Where the palm trees leave the traveler dreaming. You can let yourself be transported to a place where the dream of escape takes on its meaning and where the illusions of paradise touch the reality… The hot springs as if they fell from the sky in an unusual place will leave you speechless.

Ain Thomrane water Source

From the exotic colors of an oasis to the softness of miraculous water, the Ksar Jouamaa will offer you an escapade in the heart of a desert place, like another world on the planet, like the fruit of an imagination. Indeed, very real, you will be at the heart of a sanctuary of peace, of which you will never have suspected the existence, where the noise is only futile and where the source of water will be your own resource.

In a desert atmosphere where peace is queen of the place and where silence will be restorative, you will discover the artifice of a nugget that will leave you speechless. With its bewitching water and its disturbing magic, this water source will put the world at your feet and will engrave in your hearts images that are almost unreal but yet so present and striking for your minds. The Ksar Jouamaa will be proud to be your guide in this sweet adventure.

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