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Our party space, like a radiance, a reflection of a placid world, this open-air Eden illustrated with its moonlights and its illuminated attics, welcomes you in the company of a folk group and offers shows in its heart as well. unique than impressive.
From a fire-eater making the universe yellowish, to an oriental dancer making the rhythm twirl through the stones, passing by a fakir or a snake charmer, the unreal and the dream mingle with the decor and promise you a journey to the heart of Tunisian culture.
From the momentum of an illusion to the rise of reality, the minutes contain a whole world, long stripped of its breath. The magic operates between the stitching of the stones, and imprints in the soul a smile of honey.
Dust becomes a magic potion for artists who have become masters of the place for a day or an evening.
You will be able to discover in their eyes the passion for a profession, in ours the love of this place and in the deep gaze of the horizon the love and the sincere and powerful beauty of existence.
All you have to do is let yourself be carried away for an evening or a stay in the magic of 1001 nights to leave transformed, rich and peaceful.
But, in this immense space overhanging this fortress, it is not only spectacles that we will propose to you. You can also meet there for a simple meal no matter what time the sun is in the sky. But, especially in front of a unique panorama, you will have the privilege of finding yourself.
Let the void invade you and make you feel light and alive. This is the secret of a successful show and personal satisfaction.
The center of the stage all veiled in stars, the artists under the spotlight, the palace illuminated with all its being, you are at the heart of authentic Tunisia and in an incomparable magic.
You will not come out of this room and this place the same as when you came. You will have grown, you will have smiled and you will have learned.
You are and you become through the very essence of its lands and its culture!
Through an oriental dance, the charm of a snake, the shivers of a fakir, the warmth of a fire-eater or even to the rhythm of a folk group. Welcome to Tunisia !

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