Our children's area

Our children's area offers them the possibility and the chance to develop their imagination. This is an opportunity for a teacher to find a new way to transmit the love of knowledge to these students through tailor-made workshops, settling in the stones, each of the children will find the desire to learn. and discover. From a deep culture, to the discovery of instruments or a sensation, the children will be able to find their way there and each find their own places. But the immersion in the middle of the mountains can be prolonged, by choosing Ksar Jouamaa as a home for one or more nights. Indeed, this naturally and historically magical place offers a dive into another world, in particular with the development of the ghorfas, but also and above all, under a veil of stars which delicately settles on this palace, which can be observed through a telescope. . Also having the possibility of having all your meals there, but also of discovering the beauty of the surroundings, through lands that are both arid and full of a thousand and one colours. In a vast space like that of Ksar Jouamaa, the memory of children will certainly record the most beautiful images of immensity and soothing silence. So young, they will have the chance to learn how to refocus on themselves thanks to a moment of meditation, music or simply facing the horizon so pure. From its well-built fortress and horning the mountains, the Ksar Jouamaa holds its most beautiful asset between the meshes of these stones: peace. What a beautiful feeling for a child to feel calm at the top of the world. And what a beautiful encounter between peace and innocence, like a nice point in this vast world. The Ksar Jouamaa is the place perfectly in harmony with the values ​​of education and life. So what could be better than spending a few days with us to help children grow up.

Espace de jeu et de lecture pour les enfants au Ksar Jouamaa

Our children’s area gives teachers the opportunity to develop imaginative and creative workshops. The area transmits to children, the love of nature but also a desire to discover the birth of this place and the world. To prolong the dream, the Ksar Jouamaa can welcome you during a whole stay. Overflowing with wealth, it will seduce you. In particular, thanks to these services and its generous and professional welcome.

Our children’s area opens the mind for a new way of learning, enriching and growing. Stone by stone, History unfolds and leaves a vast space for the overflowing imagination of children. In the middle of a soft silence and a resource of sensations, the Ksar Jouamaa gives the chance by this space to come and deposit innocence through the presence and the gaze of these groups of children.

Espace de jeu et de lecture pour les enfants au Ksar Jouamaa

Our children’s area where your children can play and have fun. It is also an ideal place for teachers wishing to organize school workshops, workshops, in the open air, in the middle of a magnificent setting. Offering children the opportunity to flourish and discover a historically significant place.

Espace de jeu et de lecture pour les enfants au Ksar Jouamaa

Our children’s area, like a little paradise for your children. Indeed, you can find your children in this space, reading or playing, with a smile on their face. But, they can also meet there with their teacher for a day or a stay, with various workshops, made especially for them. Between discovery and joy, they can only flourish.

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