Our café in Ksar Jouamaa

Our café

Our café in Ksar Jouamaa, under the rays of the sun, is not far from a small village below in the shade of the coolness of the stones. Refresh yourself with a cocktail made for you, a lemonade, a juice, or other drinks on the menu that are waiting for you!
On the other hand, you will have the privilege of being able to taste your drinks in front of a multitude of different landscapes and changing with the wind, surrounding the Ksar and making it an exceptional building.
Treat yourself, in the café of Ksar Jouamaa, facing the horizon as the only witness, by ordering a shisha alone or with friends. Also, you can share this moment in a ghorfa or in the open air, surrounded by a void that is sometimes abstract, sometimes lunar... Like the promise of a beautiful moment in the middle of the universe.

The décor

The decor mingling with the atmosphere and a beautiful friendly atmosphere, you can build stone by stone your own building of memories... But, above all, you can have the chance to discover yourself, get to know yourself and leave with new strength and the essential in your soul... Our café is one of the highlights of our original establishment, it is conducive to conviviality, sharing and the present moment... We will be there to serve you a snack or a shisha but also to entertain you and make you have a good stay with us through the discovery of this atypical place and its surroundings. We take your hand, offer you a tea and welcome you to Ksar Jouamaa for this beautiful experience of life by our side.


Sitting on the edge of the void or in the beating heart of a ghorfa, the lightness of a moment and the intensity and energy of the place will win you over and without influence or control you may know the joy of smiling in front of the world and quietly sip your tea, your coffee, your lemonade or even your juice that you have chosen from a rich and varied drinks menu that we offer you in front of a decor that you will not see anywhere else and which will remain forever engraved in you... Like a dream in the land of 1001 nights.

Café de Ksar Jouamaa

From mint tea to almond tea and pine nut tea, you can taste one of our finest specialties in a prestigious setting between earth and stones. But you will also have the possibility thanks to the presence of a menu rich in drinks (cocktails, juice, coffee, coke, lemonade etc.) to refresh yourself in one of the most beautiful and quietest places in Tunisia, nestled at the top from the world and away from all noise.

At the edge of another world, between mountains and arid lands, where the sun shines with its rays and reflects the beauty of a temple of life, the mist of tea and the scent of almonds sail above of Ksar Jouamaa, waiting for you serenely to take you into the deep history of Tunisia but also and above all to entrust you with the secrets of the most beautiful places that are there and which make our country the pearl of the Mediterranean.
In the deep gaze of Ksar Jouamaa, in influence with the earth and in union with the sky, to the rhythm of a coffee or a lemonade, you will let yourself go and you will acquire the inner peace whose promise is eternal. The spiritual power of this building will bring you new life and the oblivion of the slightest burden or weight with which you have traveled for so long.

Café de Ksar Jouamaa
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