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Our swimming pool, like an overflow of gentle tears, has blossomed in broad daylight in the region of Béni Khédache within Ksar Jouamaa, an ancient jewel that has transformed from its ancestral ruins into a raw and rejuvenating diamond, secluded and revitalizing from everything. Like a surrender of oneself, with a glass in hand, on a sunbed or floating in the water, facing the vastness of a new world that disarms, emotions will multiply, blend, and bring out the best and the essential in you. Gradually, the mist will lift, and the brilliance of the blue sky will come back to life within you. Rising above the world, in the heart of its silent mountains, in the depths of our pool built for you where the water sparkles in the sun, peace will come to you. You only have to plunge into this basin overlooking the sky and let yourself go with the undulating waves that come and go. You will steer your own ship toward a new horizon and enjoy our unique pool in the region, situated in this unusual and improbable place. The experience of this swim will fulfill you and leave a drop-mark on your stay. We promise you this. Without pretense, we will be here to share with you these unique moments, which will become remedies for your wounds and scars and strengths for the days to come. But they will also make us fulfilled individuals, having filled you through the transparency of this water and the transparency of the beauty of this place. So, in this vast expanse of water above a silent immensity, let yourself be embraced by life, love itself, and swim to the rhythm of soothing lightness. Our Ksar Jouamaa pool is yours and will surely become one of your best diving and relaxation spots.

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